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You probably know that AVG Anti-Virus and AVG Internet Security are one of the world’s leading Anti-Virus software programs.

Now available is AVG Cloudcare that offers complete protection for your home or business computers that provides all of the standard protection you expect from a traditional Antivirus Program plus optional extra services such as AVG Cloud Backup and AVG Content Filtering

Instead of a program that you install and then forget about until it’s time to renew, AVG Cloudcare can be purchased for one or a two year subscription and is “Fully Managed” by the Next Century Support.

Fully Managed means that if your Anti-Virus program stops working, is not updating or detects a serious malware or virus threat on your devices, Next Century Support as your AVG partner will be informed of the threat and will endeavor to get in touch with you to warn you of the situation (in case you had not noticed it yourself).

  • AVG Anti-Virus
  • AVG Content Filtering
  • AVG Online Backup

Award-winning antivirus protection detects, blocks, and removes viruses and malware from your company’s PCs and servers. And like all of our cloud services, there are no license numbers to keep up with. Try it free for 30 days, and when you are ready to buy, simply choose your subscription: 12 Months or  24 months.

How does this benefit you?

Protects while browsing

Works with any web browser to check files before they’re downloaded and to scan URLs to protect your employees while searching, shopping, and banking online.

Verifies links before you click

Actively checks web links before it’s clicked to prevent your employees from visiting malicious websites. Also provides automatic, real-time scans of any links exchanged on Facebook®, Twitter®, or Skype®.

Blocks hackers

Our firewall works on both wired and wireless networks to protect your company’s data and prevent malware from taking over your PCs. With inbound and outbound port and application protection, your business is always protected.

Scans without distractions

AVG Smart Scanning reduces distractions. Scans run only when your employees are not using their PCs, and switch to low-priority mode while they’re working.

Protects identity

If your employees shop online, we’ll warn them when we detect any potentially dangerous software trying to steal their passwords or credit card numbers.

Manage distracting websites with a single click to keep your employees focused on business-related tasks no matter where they may be. And like all of our cloud services, there are no license numbers to keep up with. Try it free for 30 days, and when you are ready to buy, simply choose your subscription: monthly, yearly, or 24 months.

How does this benefit you?

Automatic website blocking

Automatically blocks sites by category and sorts more than 60 million sites into subgroups for increased granularity. You can set flexible Block/Warn Only/Allow privileges for employee access.

A second line of defense

iCat Dynamic Filtering scans any pages not yet categorized in our database to help ensure that new threats don’t slip through.

No proxy required

No hardware or software changes are needed, and the service does not require any rerouting of traffic, which could slow your Internet speed.

Secondary local passwords

Create a secondary, local password to override blocked pages without compromising the administrative password.

Easy policy settings

Set flexible policies for in the office, at home, or on the road. Push real-time policy and group updates to your PCs from the cloud.

Real-time alerts

Your IT provider can stay on top of things by receiving instant email alerts whenever there’s an issue.

Flexible scheduling

Allow employees to access specific websites at specific times. For example, you can give your employees access to Facebook® during their lunch break, but block access for the rest of their workday.

Activity reports

Gives you real-time information about employees’ Internet use. Easily view PC names, logged-in users, IP addresses, URLs, actions taken (e.g., if an employee was blocked, warned, or allowed), and the number of times someone tried to access a site.

Ensure your business data is protected against the unexpected.

AVG Online Backup runs in the background, scheduled to your requirements and providing peace of mind against data loss. Should the worst happen and data become lost or corrupted, data can be restored quickly and easily from a single file to a whole directory. Integrated alerts enable your IT Partner to pro-actively ensure your data across your network is backed up, while periodic reports are available to keep you informed without the hassle of day-to day management.

Try it free for 30 days, and when you are ready to buy, simply choose your monthly subscription.

How does this benefit you?

Protect what’s important

It is common that not all data on devices is business critical. AVG Online Backup provides Customizable backup policies that enable you to choose specific folders and/or file types to protect (such as PDFs) or ignore (such as MP3s).

Data secured

Data is secured using three-tier encryption in transit and at rest, providing peace of mind for your customers that their data will not be compromised at any stage of the backup or restore process. Data Centers are ISO9001 and ISO 27001 certified and, when used with AVG AntiVirus, files are scanned for malware before compression and storage.

Restore and backup anytime

Backup schedules from hourly to monthly can be set per device in accordance with your requirements and will run so long as the device is connected to the internet. Your IT Partner can quickly restore files and folders to your devices or an alternative location should they become lost or corrupt.

Pay as you go

Storage is charged in 25Gb ’units’ and charges only apply to the number of units used. This removes the need to pre-estimate the amount of storage required in advance. So if, for example you have 25 laptops with 1Gb of important data each, you could protect them all with only one unit of storage. No maintenance fees ensure that costs are easy to understand and budget for.

What does AVG Online Backup offer?

Backups run to suit your needs

Schedule automated backups by device or group to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly with the ability to vary the times backups take place in accordance with your requirements.

Flexible policies

Use pre-defined template policies or have them customized according to requirements. Options include the selection of file types to back up (e.g. ignore MP3 files), maximum and minimum file sizes and exclusion of specific folders from the backup policy.

Protect your servers with ShadowProtect®

Image and back up servers to protect against data corruption, outages or hardware failures. Take incremental backups periodically from every 15 minutes. Ideally suited for large files such as databases and Exchange servers.

Choose you backup location

Backup devices in the cloud or to local storage. Choose the most appropriate location to ensure requirements are met per user and per device.

Subscription licensing

Storage is charged in 25Gb ‘units’ and you only pay for the units you use removing the need for you to estimate the volume required in advance.

Data reporting

Receive periodic reports including stored data usage, individual device usage, backup schedules, history and much more.

Restore files quickly

Should the worst happen and data be lost, files can be quickly restored via as and when they are needed.

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